How to Keep Seagulls Off a Boat or Dock

If you keep a boat or dock, then it is almost impossible to find it ready for the users because it will be full of birds pooping or dropping. You may even find their dropping on the seats. You may found this problem if you live an occasion or lake where seagulls like to live, and you may find them in numbers. 

Many people try different method; some of them were successful in keeping the seagulls off of a boat or dock which are given below: 


The use of bird deterrent reflectors is found to be effective in repelling the seagulls. Just place these reflectors on the sides of the boat or dock as they just need sunlight to reflect; once seagulls have seen the reflection, they are going to run away from the boat or dock. 

Bird netting 

Bird dropping is not only messed the place, but it can also cause serious health issues for your family, especially when they have direct contact with the dropping. What if a person has placed the hand on dry dropping and later use that hand to eat something? For sure, they are going to sick. 

Another method that you can use to keep them off from your duck or boat is the use of netting. As bird netting is flexible so you can install it easily all over the boat. You can easily remove this netting when you want to spend time with your family. Just cover the boat when you are not going to use it. 

Use of bird spikes 

Bird spikes are proved to be one of the most effective ways to repel any kind of birds. Bird spikes can be installed easily in any area to fill the gap or opening in any place. You can use any kind of stainless spikes to get quick and effective results. 

Use of predators to scare the seagulls

We do not ask you to buy a real predator like owl or cat. You can buy their dummy that looks like the real one. Use weatherproof dummies that can survive even in the hot and hard weather. Although they will not work for a long time, they can be effective for a short time or until seagulls did not recognize that they are not a threat to them. Use them on the top of the boat or dock where they seem clear to seagulls and realize them that place can be risky for their life. As a result, they will prevent to get near to your dock or boat. 

Use of repellent 

If you do not want to use the above method, then we have a simple solution to your problem. Buy a repellent that works for a long time to keep them off from your boat or dock. 

We recommend you buy a toxic-free repellent that only helps to repel the seagulls; otherwise, using a toxic product can be risky for your family and pets. 

Sound Repellent

You can also use sound repeller to make them scary as these devices can be used with the help of a battery and produce such a voice that helps to scare the seagulls. 

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