Natural Deterrents for Armadillos

Armadillos are small nocturnal animals with a bony shell that can survive in any environment they are placed in, the feed on invertebrates living underground. They are known for their extensive digging habits and marking of territories through urine, feces and other secretions. Although, their main source of food is worms and grubs but they will also eat your vegetables and destroy the garden. With their sharp claws, they are so skillful in digging that nothing stands in their way when they start to dig. They can undermine home concrete foundations, water and sewer lines and even telephone lines.

No one wants to have their home or garden dug up and destroyed by armadillos, and it is very hard to prevent them from using a particular area, therefore it is essential to choose a deterrent method to avoid this occurrence. Below is a list of some of the natural methods of deterring armadillos from the home or garden:


Armadillos can wander into your home searching for foods and where to stay, this is because most of armadillos foods are underground, therefore removing and attracts completely might be impossible. Meanwhile there are some important steps you can take to make your home less welcoming for them; by removing any cover like brush, woodpiles, low bushes, and shrubs.


Keeping outdoor dogs around your home will chase away armadillos and prevent them from getting any access to your home. This is because armadillos dont like the smell of a dog, and whenever they sense the smell coupled with the dogs barking, they will find their way out of your home as quickly as they can. 


Armadillos can be so difficult and frustrating to deter from a particular area, this is because of their stubborn destructive nature. Therefore, setting up a trap to catch them is an effective way to chase them. As armadillos are nocturnal animals, the trap should be set in the late afternoon and should be checked several hours after. Then relocate the trapped armadillos(s) to a far place from your home. However, it is illegal to relocate armadillos in some states or countries. 


You need to buy a durable and strong fence; the fence doesnt need to be tall because armadillos cant jump high from the ground. One important thing to note is that the fence should go deep into the ground; this will make it difficult for armadillos to dig a hole through the fence through the ground. When this is done, you will not notice the appearance of armadillos again in your home or garden.


One of the effective ways to deter armadillos from entering your home or yard is by sprinkling cayenne pepper around your home. Just like many burrowing animals, armadillos have poor eyesight but have extremely strong sense of smell, so whenever the armadillos smell the pepper to their nose, they will definitely run away from your home as soon as possible. Just get the cayenne pepper, and then sprinkle it across their entry point or holes.

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